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Month: October 2015

Episode 13 – The Zombie Episode

A huge thank you to our friend Michael Lichens, editor at Catholic Exchange, for being our redshirt.


Episode 14 – Tour de Potager (Garden)

This week’s episode will make more sense if you click on over to the homestead’s website to take the tour de potager.  The link will open up in another window, so if you’re listening from this site, the show won’t stop.

The Greenhorns are here.  Lots of great stuff to read up on.

The guy and his deer fence made of fishing line here.

Stark Bros. nursery is here.

Episode 12 – Reader Questions & Giveaway Winners!

This week is our first ever Readers’ Questions episode, and y’all had some great ones.  But first- giveaway winners!  We’ll be contacting you via email; congratulations winners!

$50 St. Clare Seeds gift certificate: Bonnie

$25 Murray McMurray gift certificate: Amy

“Saving Seeds” book: Elena

Planting guide: Heidi

Seed saving envelopes: Rosie

Thank you to everyone who entered and helped make our launch so successful.  If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve been listening to so far, we’d be really grateful if you left us a ranking and review on iTunes or Stitcher.

If you have more questions, or ones that didn’t get addressed here, please send them our way, and we’ll put them in a future Readers’ Questions episode.  You can meet up with us:

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Episode 11 – Raising Turkeys with Mobumbum Farm

For twenty years of my life, I was a vegetarian.  That meant I either just ate the sides at Thanksgiving (which is delicious) or -shudder- a Tofurky.

Just don’t, y’all.

But I’ve left those ways behind me, and now our holiday tables are tofu-free.  All that we need to make them perfect is one of Jason and Sarah’s Mobumbum Farm turkeys.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.24.58 AM

Get on with your commute, grab a bag of laundry, and get ready to talk turkey.

Have questions for Jason and Sarah, or live in Maine and want to get on their waiting list for a farm-fresh turkey?  Check out Mobumbum Farm on Facebook.

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Episode Ten – September in Review

So this is October, and what have we done?  Another month over, and a new one just begun.

(sorry.  I loathe that “Christmas” song so very, very much.  I have no idea what possessed me to reference it here)

Anyway, our first September here on the farm is behind us, we sat down and assessed what we accomplished, what still needs to be done, what went well, and what didn’t.  So settle in to your commute/grab a load of laundry to fold, and come hang out with us for the next 30 minutes to see what homesteady things we got done in September.


We launched our podcast!  You can find all of them here.

Tomatoes in the freezer.  This picture doesn’t convey the overwhelming amount of tomatoes in there, but they’re there.  And they’re patiently waiting for the first annual Great Sauce Making Day here at Ghost Fawn.  Details sure to follow on the farm’s website.


Can we talk about food mills for a moment?  I just bought this one off Amazon, but I would love love love to hear your recommendations.

We realized that we had not one, but two Welsummer roosters.  Whoops.  Oh well.  Once we get rid of the hamburg roo, the two Welsummers should be ok together.  With a flock of 28 hens, two roosters can co-exist peacefully.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.20.12 AM


Which brings us to the problem of Sherlock Homes.  What do we do with him?  Look at him- he’s beautiful!  but so scrawny!


Ken wants to eat him.  I say there’s not enough meat there.  Send us your ideas, be they recipes or leads on nice places to rehome our Silver Spangled Hamburg rooster.

Ken hacked his hand.

The dogs are some mice.

The fly bag.  Oh, the fly bag.  If you at all have a fly problem (no judgements here, friend, this is a safe place), then check out the fly bag.

Next week we’ll be talking turkey and announce the winners to the giveaway, but if you can’t wait that long for more farm fresh content, you can follow us here:




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