Sixty-five recognized breeds of chickens here in the States.  How is a person to decide?  Join us this week as we talk about our favorites, our least favorites, and the ones we’d just love to forget.

Murray McMurray, which is certainly not the only mail-order hatchery, but the only one we’ve used, can be found here.

Cari’s list of favorite chickens:

buff orpington

rhode island red



Ken’s favorites:

barred rock

ameraucana (a.k.a The River Song chicken)



What’s a broody hen and what to do with her?

Slow Food USA’s Ark of Taste is here.

And the least favorites?  Here’s Ken’s:

bantam chickens

silkies (with an aside on Polish chickens, particularly our Polish, Effie)

silver spangled hamburg


And here are Cari’s:

ameraucana (again)

leghorn (pronunciation debate here)

silver spangled hamburg

Finally- the ugly.  Reader beware!

naked-neck chicken

frizzle chicken

So what do you think?  Did we cover your favorites?  Your least favorites?  Are you a member of the bantam/silkie/naked-neck/frizzle lobby and are outaged by this episode?  Drop us a line at  You can find an easy “contact us” button on our website-

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