We share what we planted this year.  Some worked well.  Others well…….

Check out St. Clare Seed , We had fantastic germination rates.   They offer non-GMO Heritage seeds and have a wide selection on their website.

In the Battle of the Manure, here’s the expensive stuff I got, and here’s the cheap stuff Ken got (same stuff, different bag).  We all know which did better.

The organic-compliant garden dust we used successfully on the cabbage worms this stuff here.

Information on cabbage worms is here.  Information on cucumber beetles here.

That delicious pumpkin I’m drooling about just typing this?  It’s the Long Island Cheese pumpkin, and you can read about it here.

What do you use to control your cucumber beetles?  Do you grow pumpkins for carving?  What kind do you use?  We desperately need a new type to try.  How did your garden do this year?  

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Thank you so much for spending your time with us during this exciting launch week.  We’ll be back next Monday and Tuesday, then we’ll be starting our regular publishing schedule, which will be a brand new episode every Monday.